Publish content on all major social media channels and content management systems.

Post Scheduling & Multichannel Publishing

All Communication Activities in a Single Platform

Why choose between a planning software and a publishing tool when there is an all-in-one solution?!

In, content can be conceptualised, created and scheduled for future release.

Cross Publishing

Multichannel Storytelling at the Highest Level

We are bringing together what belongs together!

With our cross publishing approach, we connect all the content of the same story.

This makes it possible to display, edit, publish, or schedule all content shared and published on different channels in a single view.

Facebook Ads with the Ads Manager

Content Distribution & Promotion in one Tool

We combine content distribution and promotion with the Ads Manager. Now, Facebook posts can be strategically planned, created, published, and promoted in a single software.

What makes it special is that when you promote content, all important settings on the target group, duration and advertising budget from the strategy are already available.

And, of course, the results of the ads are available in the analytics module.

Share Library

Collaboration on a New Level

Share Ideas, Content, Editorial Plans and Campaigns with other Teams

This is the end of Excel lists and email chaos: makes it easy to create and send content, editorial plans and marketing campaigns in teamwork. The big advantage: Versionation chaos is thus completely a thing of the past.

With the Share Library, media, social media posts or complete campaigns and editorial plans can be shared with other teams and planned into their calendars.

The perfect solution to send editorial plans to customers or other departments and teams!

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