By connecting social media listening and engagement, enables seamless communication.

Social Media Monitoring & Listening

Looking and Listening Closely

With our integrable monitoring and listening solutions, all mentions on the web and social media can be kept in mind. So no more mentions are lost in news portals, blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter and Co.

Through our unique combination of monitoring and dialog, the results of the observation can be seamlessly incorporated into the content area or the dialog module to create appropriate content or have a conversation.

This significantly improves the response time to messages and enables better service. This ensures a competent perception of one's own company, especially in critical situations.

Brand Listening

To establish a brand, it's important to know what, who and where to talk about -online and offline.

Crisis Communication

Monitoring critical situations enables rapid intervention and the counterfeiting of a crisis when necessary.

Hashtag Tracking

Hashtag tracking allows you to track selected hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

Social Channel Analytics

Analyzing its own social media channels provides information about followers, growth and top topics in the industry.

Competitive Intelligence

A comparison of one's own performance with that of the competitors allows you to gain knowledge of how the community can be better addressed.

Content Analytics

Which content formats perform best can be traced in the content analytics section.

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