Community management and engagement in one! Never lose incoming messages, comments and mentions again. Everything ends up in a central inbox and can be answered from there.

Social Media Customer Service

Outlook for Social Media

Central Ticket System: Everything in one Place

Our dialog is the outlook for social media. With it, messages or comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Co. will never be lost again.

Teamwork has never been easier

Forwarding, remembering, assigning and sharing notes are just some of the features our dialog uses to support collaborative work.

Connecting Social Media and Content Marketing

One click is enough to produce your own content from incoming social media messages or comments. You couldn't link content marketing and social media more easily!

These are the Functions of the Dialog Module

Conversation History

By clicking on an incoming ticket, you can view the complete conversation with the sender of the message and mark the person as an influencer.

Custom Folders

You can create your own folders and provide them with custom filter settings. This allows you to create inboxes for social media channels, message types, or topics.

Handle Tickets

Incoming tickets can be answered with a like or message. Alternatively, they can be assigned or forwarded to the relevant colleagues via e-mail or in-app.

Create Content

Incoming tickets can be used to create your own content. This allows community messages to be shared on their own facebook page or topics for the blog to be taken up.

Sentiment Analysis

Tickets can be rated to get an idea of sentiment within the community. This allows for a subsequent sentiment analysis.

Predefined Answer Templates

Customers often ask the same questions. To process them as quickly and efficiently as possible, response templates can be defined.

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In the next step, we explain what helpful functions the analytics module offers.

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