Extensive analysis possibilities allow the control and evaluation of the communication planned and published in dirico.io.

Social Media & Content Marketing Analytics

The most Important KPIs at a Glance

With the Analytics module in dirico.io, you stay in control of the most important metrics in social media and content marketing.

Dashboards provide information about the most important KPIs, such as reach, engagement, and many more.

And not just for individual channels or social media platforms, but across all channels and platforms.

The Sections of the Analytics Module


The performance section provides an overview of the performance values of the published content. For example, contribution reach, engagement, likes, follows and much more.


In the dialog section, statistics can be viewed, which provide information about incoming and completed tickets and the ticket volume per day of the week.


The Content section provides an overview of content production within the team. It contains information such as the number of produced content and its production status.


dirico.io has an integrated short-link generator, which can be adapted to individual URLs. In this section, statistics on the shortened links and the clicks made can be viewed.

Share Library

The exchange of ideas, content, entire campaigns or media between different teams – this is the Share Library. In here, you can access the statistics of all shared assets.

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