As an all-in-one platform, combines numerous solutions to the challenges of modern communication.

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Content Strategy

Create an individual content strategy consisting of persona, goals, audience needs, content formats, the customer journey and promotion channels. Developing a content strategy is the basis for your operational content marketing.

Idea Management

Allows you to create and store communication ideas in the team. Good ideas can be characterized by the "liking" it. An idea can be used to create an editorial post with one click.

Editorial Planning

In, you can not only manage your social media channels, but also plan, create and organize all your marketing activities and editorial content into campaigns. All content is clearly displayed in the editorial calendar and content plan.

Social Media Publishing

Plan, create, publish and evaluate social media posts on different channels. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, Pinterest and WeChat.

Social Customer Service

The dialog, our social media inbox, allows the central response of all incoming messages on the main social media channels. Going forward, teams only need a single inbox to manage the entire dialog on the social media channels.

Facebook Ads

Facebook posts can be promoted directly via When creating ads, all the important targeting features are available, which Facebook also offers in app.

Asset Management

Save your most important documents, such as photos or videos, in The photo editor gives you the ability to create graphics or edit your uploaded assets.

Share Library

The Share Library is particularly interesting for chain stores and international companies. Editorial content can be created centrally and can then be shared with one or more teams.

Monitoring & Listening

Strategic partnerships with leading software providers for monitoring software enable a seamless integration in In this way, we combine monitoring and listening with our own editorial planning and community management.

Analysis & Reporting

The analysis module can be used to evaluate all activities. All key figures can be exported as reports.

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