We integrated all the features, that modern communications and marketing teams need to collaborate across departments and achieve perfectly orchestrated communication.


Our RSS reader and the integration of the feed-service feedly make it easy to subscribe to inspiring content from other websites and blogs. From now on, your inspiration for new content is endless.


Idea management like a Pro? Thanks to the in-app, browser extension and native apps for Android and iOS, this is no problem. In this way, ideas can be stored, elaborated and evaluated in next to no time.


The strategical planning, creation and publishing of content as a team is's most important feature. With our post editors and collaborative features, it works as easily as never before.


With our campaign management, all content, assets, analyses and briefings can be centrally bundled. The campaigns are available to the whole team, so each member can create content that excites.

Calendar & Editorial Plan

In your calendar and editorial plan, all contents sync automatically. There, they can be edited and planned. By the way, synchronization also works with content published outside of

Media Library

Asset management where it belongs: Very close to the content. Thanks to our media library, no employee has to go in search of attachments and documents anymore.

Share Library

The Share Library allows other teams to be able to deploy assets, content, or entire campaigns. This makes ideal for the use as agency software and for collaboration in large organizations and companies.


Our dialog module includes numerous features that make social media & community management easier than ever before for all major social networks.

Monitoring & Listening

Keeping eyes & ears open: By integrating leading providers in web monitoring and listening, no conversation about your brand goes undetected.


Only measurable success can be repeated. That's why social media & content marketing analytics are, of course, one of the functions of


A defined communication strategy helps measure the success of your communication in retrospect. Note personas, goals, topics, content types, ad profiles and more directly in

Team Management

Perfect teamwork has never been easier. Thanks to integrated rights and role management, multiple client capability and the ability to work across teams.

Convince Yourself

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