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With our all-in-one platform, we enable companies and corporations worldwide to digitize their editorial planning and perfectly orchestrate their communication. Thereby we focus on the dissolution of silos, the abolition of different individual solutions and the improvement of cross-team, cross-departmental and cross-location cooperation. 

The War for Talents is particularly tough in the IT sector. Certain skills of developers are hard to find. So we went on an international search for specialists and found them in Romania. We hired three freelancers for some time and were so satisfied with their work that we wanted to retain them for the long term. This is how we ended up founding our own company in Romania in the summer of 2019: DIRICO SOFTWARE S.R.L. In november, the new office in Oradea, a large city in the northwest of Romania near the Hungarian border, could finally be moved into. Today, four permanent developers work there closely with their colleagues in Koblenz. Due to the positive experiences, we will further expand this location in the current year.

words from our ceo

We digitize Editorial Planning in Companies

Sascha Böhr

CEO & Founder

"After dirico.io has gained popularity in Germany and we won more and more big players as customers, it was time to expand. We are happy to have found the perfect location for our second office in Oradea. Here, we plan to take our development department to the next level. With strong know-how from Romania, we want to prepair dirico.io to conquer even more markets.

To achieve our target, we need ambitious developers, who complete our german-romanian teams. With the aim to develop dirico.io for the global market, a strong team spirit with a common vision is our top priority. Become part of our world class team and revolutionize the cooperation of global marketing and communication teams! "

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Levente Olah
Fullstack Developer
I've started working for dirico.io as a freelancer right after I finished my master studies. Since then the company has been growing strongly. We are working with the biggest companies in the world, which makes the work very exciting and purposeful. When I started, the team was very helpful and I got used to the project quickly. In the beginning I was doing backend programming. It was fun getting to know all major social media APIs and integrate them to our system. Over the time I started to do frontend tasks as well. Beside working, the team also takes time to relax. I remember those Christmas parties in Germany which were unforgettable. We showed a lot of "performance" on these parties!
Iosif Balla
Fullstack Developer
I joined dirico.io in January 2020. Thus, for me the new year started with a great new adventure! I joined the team with the goal to find a place where I can work for the long-term. I met very warm, helpful, but also highly skilled people here. All the colleagues are highly commited to build a product that is always a step ahead of the competition. One fun fact about how I came to dirico: I'm a fan of long term relationships. Thus, it took me a very long time to make this big decision and switch my job. However, I am more than happy and very proud that I made that decision. I am in a good company.
Sandor Olah
Fullstack Developer &
Office Manager
In 2016 I started working for dirico.io as a Frontend Developer. I'm one of those people, who've been part of the team from day one. Thus, I was lucky to see the whole journey of the software up to this day. During this journey, I got to know new technologies such as Angular or React, and slowly started working on backend tasks as well. Today, we have an office in the city center of Oradea. I had the opportunity to become the Office Manager and gain a lot of new knowledge besides programming. The team in Germany is very helpful and I always felt like a full team member. The Christmas parties and the trips to Germany are very memorable and have helped us to get to know each other better besides work!
Zsolt Varga
Frontend Developer
I started as a Junior Frontend Developer in 2019 and it was a very good decision. Each day there are new challenges with exciting edge technologies and frameworks in our own projects with a great, helpful and highly performing team. Besides the daily challenges my colleagues always support me, no matter if it's work-related or some private issue. dirico.io is a place where colleagues become friends. During my time at dirico.io I've learned many things. I had the chance to learn new technologies and to organise the structure of my code in a more effective and sustainable way. dirico.io has an awesome code architecture, which makes it easy to work with and I feel lucky to be part of this amazing team!
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The dirico.io Benefits

✓   Steep career opportunities 
      High responsibilities, flat hierarchies

✓   Strong team feeling
      regular team events & christmas party in germany

✓   High flexibility 
      Home office, flexible working hours

✓   Motivated colleagues
      Start-up feeling & ambitious environment

✓   Personal development
      Internal workshops, training budget

Open Positions in Oradea

Of course, we are open to everyone - regardless of origin, gender or religion. Come as you are!

Frontend Developer


You conceptualize and implement modern frontends for our application. The creation of user-centered and elegant interfaces for web applications and mobile versions lays in your responsibility. Therefor you use your experiences in UX/UI design, preferably also in app and webdesign. You like to experiment and investigate new technologies and frameworks. We offer you unique projects in an agile, dynamic and collegial working environment.

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Fullstack Developer


You offer the full package and won’t decide between frontend and backend technologies? You‘re able to work cross-functionally on the full „stack“ of technology - on the server side of programming and the user facing side. As a result you make an impact on the entire flow of user experience. On top of the hard skills, you pay attention to details, learn quickly and solve problems efficiently. With newest technologies you stay up to date.

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Second Level Support

relational & No-SQL

You are the touchpoint between our 1st Level Support and our development department. To investigate customer approaches you process informations from the 1st-Level Support and check the database. With passion and emphasis, you thematise customer concerns and schedule the processing of customer cases into our sprint and assign the responsible developer. During the developing process you keep the 1st Level Support up to date at all times.

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Quality Assurance Manager

Quality comes first for you and you always work carefully on a trouble-free user experience ? Support our Quality Assurance team to constantly improve our software dirico. Together with our product, customer support and development teams you will ensure smooth and high quality fix, change and feature releases. Your meticulous eye ensures an outstanding user experience that gives you satisfaction but never any reason to be careless.

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